How to Organize Conferences and Seminars Online

Manually organizing a well-planned conference or meeting involves a lot of pain and hard work. Event organizing staff becomes stressful and almost exhausted putting together every detail to ensure all events flow smoothly according to the schedule. However, as an alternative to such a time-consuming, stressful job, many event organizers are now taking the help of the online event management software to reduce their workload during the initial stages of holding a social event. The online event management software helps you smoothly create event(s) registration in a much lesser time! The solution also lets you quickly collect money from the event attendees.

Let’s share a few points as to how will you organize conferences or seminars online using the Cloud-based event management software.

Quick Creation, Tracking and Managing of Attendee Registration

The online registration software helps you create, monitor, track, and manage each successful registration in minutes. People interested to attend your seminar can easily log in to your portal to complete the sign-up process. Besides, you can customize each registration form by adding your company logo, relevant graphics, and barcodes to allow people easily recognize your form from the rest. The software also helps in automatically updating your database with all attendee registration details, thereby saving your valuable time and cost of maintaining records separately.

Accept Secure Payments Online

The PCI-compliant online payment management solution lets you accept credit card payments, safely and securely. The solution eliminates any chances of financial fraud, assuring your event attendees to continue doing business with you. In addition to sending money via credit cards, the payment solution allows your probable event attendees to send over credits via PayPal, checks, wire transfers, and such other standard payment gateways. Event organizers can also open their own merchant account by utilizing the “Use Your Own Merchant Account” (UYOMA) service. Registrants can directly deposit the required entry fees on your merchant account instead of sending you via any other means.

Deliver Tickets Online

You can use the ticketing software to instantly allow people to book your event tickets online. The software is especially designed to save an individual’s time in travelling all the way to the ticket counter to buy a permit to your seminar, meeting or trade show. You can even mail the soft copy of tickets to all/specific registrants for them to print out the hard copies of the same.

Send Online Invitations, Reminders, and Notifications to Attendees

You can use the integrated email communication tool to readily send online invitations, reminders, and notifications to your present and past event attendees. You can even send a bulletin, your organization’s monthly newsletter as well as any news to all your event attendees to arouse their interests toward your conference.

Promote Your Events on Facebook and Twitter

You can at anytime open free accounts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn, and such other social media websites to promote your events on the same. These sites have millions of account holders, and the easiest way to reach out to these people is by writing about your events and providing links to your conference registration page or online ticketing page.


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